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I’m Caitlyn, a science writer and communicator. And every Friday, I’m your go-to place for fun animal facts!

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Meet the giant anteater

It’s summer here in Boston, which means the dreaded return of ants. We’ve been getting ants in our house lately (although they seem to be gone after we set out some traps!). But you know what else can get rid of ants? Anteaters. Anteaters are animals in the order Pilosa, an order that includes sloths. There…

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Meet the lovebug

A few nights ago, I was talking with my partner and asked him what this week’s animal should be. I jokingly said, “Oh, why don’t I talk about lovebugs!” He said, “You totally should!” To which I replied, “Wait, lovebugs are a real thing??? I thought it was just a cute name for people who…

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