Academic Publications

  1. Developmental exposure to intranasal vasopressin impacts adult prairie vole spatial memory. CJ Finton, AG Ophir (2022). Psychoneuroendocrinology 141, 105750.
  2. Support for the parental practice hypothesis: Subadult prairie voles exhibit similar behavioral and neural profiles when alloparenting kin and non-kin. CJ Finton, AM Kelly, AG Ophir (2022). Behavioural Brain Research 417, 113571
  3. Prairie vole offspring only prefer mothers over fathers when mothers are a unique resource, yet fathers are the primary source of variation in parental care. CJ Finton, AG Ophir (2020). Behavioural Processes 171, 104022
  4. Early-life social isolation influences mouse ultrasonic vocalizations during male-male social encounters. SM Keesom, CJ Finton, GL Sell, LM Hurley (2017). PloS one 12 (1), e0169705
  5. What’s in a squeak? Female vocal signals predict the sexual behaviour of male house mice during courtship. CJ Finton, SM Keesom, KE Hood, LM Hurley (2017). Animal Behaviour 126, 163-175

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